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Andy Paciorek is a graphic artist, drawn mainly to the worlds of myth, folklore and otherworldly experience. He is fascinated both by the beautiful and the grotesque and the twilight where these boundaries blur or mingle. The mist-gates, edges and liminal zones where nature borders supernature and daydreams and nightmares cross paths are of great inspiration.

Andy's early influences include British funny comics, especially the works of Ken Reid and Leo Baxendale, 2000AD and Marvel comics, Universal and Hammer horror films, the Ray Harryhausen special effects movies, the TV series Monkey and Doctor Who. He was also greatly influenced by a book he received as a birthday present as a youngster, entitled Mysteries of the Unknown: Monsters, Ghosts and UFOs. Much of Andy's work generally deals with subjects alluding to myth, folklore, paranormal experience, fairy tales, dreamlike-states, and the threshold between nature and super-nature.

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Godmanstone Blues (2012)

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