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We specialise in publishing titles relating to Cornwall, its history and culture, including reprints of rare and obscure works as well as anthologies, reference books and original material. We also publish books by Cornish writers, or those based in Cornwall, both fiction and non-fiction.

Forthcoming titles will include new books by some of Cornwall's best-known authors, more reprints of obscure works and transcriptions of unpublished historical manuscripts. Details of our latest title will always be featured at the bottom of this page and if you want to stay informed about our new titles and forthcoming projects then please follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Our titles can be ordered from all reputable bookshops and online retailers such as Amazon UK, Amazon.com, Lulu.com, Waterstone's and The Book Depository. If you would rather pay by cheque, if you would like to discuss bulk orders, or you wish to purchase our books on behalf of a library service or non-profit organisation, please contact us about ordering.

Latest Title

Chinese Whispers

By Andrew Birtles


Dear Reader, you probably know the party game "Chinese Whispers" but if you don't here's what happens. A group of your friends and family get together, someone starts off with a sentence, in this case "Piglets in pyjamas danced on tiptoes round a tree". Then they whisper to the next person who whispers what they heard to the next and so on and so on…

You'll find it changes every time because people don't hear properly what's been said. Oh, and by the way, you'll be the last person to hear the message so listen very carefully while you're reading this book because without you there won't be a final page.

Yours sincerely, Andrew Birtles

P.S. You may be unfamiliar with some of the words used, so brief descriptions have been included to enhance your enjoyment.

Paperback, full colour, 52 pages. ISBN 9781908878090.

The book is available to order from Amazon, Lulu.com, Waterstone's, Foyles, The Book Depository and from most bookshops, worldwide.

See more of Andrew's artworks at his website.